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International exhibition of miniature in Kursalon

Call for artists to participate in the International exhibition of miniature in Kursalon

Time of the exhibition: May /June/July 2016
Application deadline: 20.04.2016
Organisers: Ivona Pavković and Nikolina Zanetti in cooperation with the arts organization Format C and the Pakrac Town Museum

The purpose of this international exhibition of miniature, never before held in the Požega-Slavonia county, is to promote the rich cultural and historical heritage of Lipik and Pakrac, two neighbouring towns, and to affirm the miniature as a specific method of visual expression. Lipik’s Kursalon, built almost as an exact replica of the one in Vienna, was not selected as the site for this exhibition only because of the fact that it was devastated in the Croatian War of Independence, only two years before its centennial, and not because it has been one of the symbols of suffering on these territories for years. It was selected because it played a significant role in the dissemination of culture in this and in the wider area, especially if we take into consideration that, during the last century, Lipik was one of the most visited European centers. The opening of the railway line Pakrac-Barcs in 1885 greatly contributed to this – it provided maximal connection of these two towns with the European centres. Through this exhibition, Kursalon will experience the deserved celebration of its significance and, through the works of young artists, it will become a site of connection to the past and the future. This exhibition is unique because it will be held in a facility that has not been renovated yet – the renovation works have been announced for July, and the exhibition will honor the past and establish the basis for future projects.

The exhibition will be on show in  Kursalon  in Lipik for one day, after which it will be moved to the Pakrac Town Museum. Selected works from the exhibition will be relocated to the exhibition space of  a non – profit artist organisation Format C in Osijek, where a discussion about the process behind the development of the idea and behind the realization of the exhibition, as well as the challenges that independent individuals in culture encounter will be held.

Only academic artists up to 35 years of age from Austria, Croatia and Hungary can participate in the exhibition.

Dimensions of works:
Two-dimensional works (up to 20×20 cm)
Three-dimensional works (up to 20x20x20 cm)

Each author can participate with up to three pieces. The pieces can/don’t have to be equipped, but they have to be ready for hanging.

Allowed techniques: artists can pick their own themes and techniques

Participants should send their applications on a CD. The applications must contain:
  • copy of a personal identity card
  • quality photographs of the art pieces in digital form
  • filled out application form

Art works with the accompanying documentation should be sent to the Pakrac Town Museum’s address:Ulica hrvatskih velikana 2
34 550 Pakrac


Organisers do not assume obligation and delivery and return charges for the works of art, and reserve the right to use the submitted materials for the purpose of promoting the exhibition. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Applicants agree to all conditions by submitting the application. Organizers are obliged to present the artists and provide coverage in the media for the exhibition.

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