2016. március 9., szerda

Land art festival, TRSY

Dear students and pedagogues of Hungarian University of Fine Arts,

we are Czech artists who are deeply interested in land art and in working with different materials. Now we are organizing a Land art festival called TRSY. We collaborate with non-profit organization ARTEDU, which is mostly interested in artistic and educational themes.

As we are asking for funding by Visegrad grants, we are currently looking for artists, students of art schools and teachers from Hungary to collaborate on festival which will be on 2. - 4. 9. 2016 near Prague. According to cooperation with ARTEDU the themes of festival will be artistic and educational, including workshops and lectures by Czech artists and pedagogues. The main topic is the reflection of landscape – how to make art in, what we are surrounded by, what kind of trace is acceptable.  Among the invited guests there is e.g. a prominent Czech biologist Jiří Sádlo, who will run a workshop focused on observing flowers at night with a flashlight.

Provided that we are awarded with the Visegrad grant we will cover your travel and accommodation expenses for festival purposes. However, more possibilities of cooperation will be opened as well - the festival is intended to form just the first part of a wider project focused on reflecting landscape. We would like to make artistic interventions in the Visegrad countries during the next year, which will be mainly organized by the locals (i.e. you) and all of the Visegrad countries will be participating on each event.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us a short letter describing what would you like to perform at the festival (e.g. artistic workshops, couple of lectures, working with wood, stone etc.), your portfolio and suggest a place in Hungary to be the site of an artistic intervention. As the deadline of Visegrad grants is closing, You are kindly asked to respond by Thursday March 10. If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted immediately to discuss further details.

Best regards,

Ondřej Dolejší
Landart Festival TRSY

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