2016. április 27., szerda

artcamp 2016 - your creative summer in pilsen


based on our previous cooperation I am writing to you to offer you the possibility to nominate 2 students to take part in ArtCamp, our international summer school of art which will take place 11 - 29 July 2016.

These two students will have a possibility to choose one course from the extensive offer of ArtCamp 2016 with free tuition (i.e. they will need to cover the rest of expenses connected to their travel and stay in Pilsen). In case they decide to sign up for more than one course, the most expensive one will be the one with free tuition. They can spend up to three weeks in an international, creative and inspiring environment while developing their talent with the pedagogues of our school and visiting international artists coming from the USA, Japan, Canada, Poland and Slovakia. The complete list of courses open to international participants and detailed information about ArtCamp can be found at www.fdu.zcu.cz

In case this offer is interesting for you, please nominate the students and forward the

following instructions to the coordinator on your side. We need the names of the students to be sent to the coordinator of the summer school Ms Marketa Kohoutkova by e-mail to the address mkohoutk@fdu.zcu.cz. At the same time please instruct the students to apply to Ari:Camp through the registration form at www.fdu.zcu.cz/artcamp in the section 'Registration form'. In writing their application, they must include in the 'Notes' section that they are chosen scholarship students from your university. The deadline for applications is 30 April (the sooner the better). Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Kohoutkova using the e-mail above or the telephone number +420 377 63 67 16.

I am happy that we will have the chance to welcome the students of your school and

I believe that they will find the possibility to spend part of their summer at ArtCamp 2016 in Pilsen, the European Capital of Culture 2015 attractive again.

Ot course we will be more than happy to welcome also other students from your school at ArtCamp and we hope that their summer studies at the Ladislav Faculty of Design and Art might represent the first step to their possible future study stay at our school. I believe that our unique building will provide your students with inspiring and creative environment and their summer school participation will bring new impulses for their artistic work.

Yours sincerely,

Doc.Josef Mistera Dean

Address: Un iverzitn i 28, 306 1 4 Pilsen Czech Republ ic

Phone: (+420) 377 63 67 16

E-mail: artcamp@fdu.zcu.cz

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