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Window Project - Gazelli Art House

Since its launcin 2012the Window Project has established itself as a significant platform for artists tdisplay site-specific works on the windows of Gazelli Art House on 39 Dover Street, London. The spring 2017 edition is an open call for MA/post-graduate fine art and curatorial students.

Curators and artists working in all mediums are encouraged to submit proposals to present their work in thewindow space of the Dover Street gallery, which will run alongside the gallery's existing programme forapproximately two weeks in April. As the work will be directly visible from the street, ishould engage awide audience.

The applicant will have full artistic ownership of all window, so proposals can be for one or two floors. Gazelli Art House is committed to offering logistical, practical and critical support to the artists.

Gazelli Art House is particularly interested in supporting young artists and curators, offering a platform for new, evolving work.  We will dedicate this window space to emerging talent from the leading national art schools.  

How To Apply:
Please send the following documents to info@gazelliarthouse.com with the subject ‘Window Project Submission’ and the  applicant’s full name:

·  CV (including full name, contact details, and current school)
·  General artist statement (250 word max)
·  Description of proposed project (500 word max). Preferably no projector installations.
·  Up to 5 image files or up to 5 web-links to moving image/sound work demonstrating your practice (please use the 'Gazelli Blue Print' which is available to download: http://gazelliarthouse.com/window-project/)
·  Window Project budget outlined, maximum £1000

Artist/Curator partnership applications also welcome.

DEADLINE: 27th March 2017

Exhibition dates: 14th - 30th April 2017
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For more information or to view previous Window Projects, please visit: http://gazelliarthouse.com/window-project/

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